SuperFroggie’s Road Trip Bingo

SuperFroggie loves road trips. Especially staying in hotels! Unfortunately he gets bored in the car – really fast. But the time whizzes by playing SuperFroggie’s Road Trip Bingo.

Play with the built-in themes – road signs and car logos. Additional themes are available as in-app purchases.

Want to create more variety? For the ultimate in bingo fun, create your own bingo board by adding images from your camera or Photos library with the Add 250 of Your Own Images in-app purchase. The basic game lets you add 3 of your own images without any in-app purchases. Create your own themes from the built-in images and any additional images you add or purchase.

2 is better than 1! Those really long road trips are perfect for a game of License Plates. In-app purchase USA State License Plates adds a License Plates game board with all 51 license plates to the app. Play Bingo and License Plates at the same time.



  • Play 5 game types (any 5 in a row, X or +, inner box, outer box, blackout).
  • Continue the game beyond Bingo to Blackout.
  • Play with or without the free space.
  • Add 3 of your own images from your camera or Photos library to the game image library.
  • Create new themes from images in the game image library.
  • Supports drag-and-drop to the game image library on iOS 11


  • Road Signs (32 road signs)
  • Common Cars (31 car logos)
  • Common & Exotic Cars (+13 additional exotic car logos)



  • Add 250 of Your Own Images lets you add 250 additional images.
  • USA State License Plates adds a License Plate game to the app.


  • More Road Signs 1 (+32 additional road signs)
  • USA State License Plates (51 license plates)